Pipes up to 160mm may be jointed easily with solvent adhesives. Larger sizes require special techniques to make such joints. And in all cases we advise usage of high quality and guaranteed solvent cement adhesives.


1. Mark depth of entry pipe into socket and alignment mark.

2. Make small chamfer on the edge of pipe end with medium file (if not existing).

3. Roughen the outside of pipe and inside of the socket using sand paper or felt cloth up to safety mark.

4. Clean both surfaces and remove all dust, grease and sand etc. using a dry clean cloth and company recommended chemical cleanser.

5. Apply adhesive without delay after cleaning, using a flat clean brush, apply on even unbroken layer brushing axially to the pipe end socket mouth with a heavier layer on the pipe, where loose fits are found the pipe should be given a second coat.

6. Immediately insert the pipe into the socket up to the entry mark, align pipe and socket hold in position for a few seconds, then wipe off excess cement (do not twist)